3rd @ Seafair, but Get the “Big Check”

August 7, 2014

DSC_2904Jimmy Shane and the Oberto Racing Hydroplane gathered third-highest points at this weekend’s Albert Lee Appliance Cup at Seattle’s Seafair and maintained the season’s high-points lead by 973 points over closest competitor J. Michael Kelly in the Graham Trucking. Shane’s 1350 points were a combination of becoming the fastest Qualifier (156.243 MPH) along with good and bad “racing luck” on the course.

In Saturday’s Heat 1B, the Oberto was struck by Dave Villwock’s Beacon Plumbing hydroplane and suffered damage which hampered the hull’s handling. Oberto finished heat 1B in third position. Shane easily bested the field in Heats 2B and 3B. When the front canard wing of the Oberto splintered in half after 3 laps of the 5 lap Winner-Take-All final race, the Oberto became difficult to control and Shane wrestled it around the course for the final two laps, finishing third.

At the post-race award ceremony, the Oberto team was selected as the recipient of the Fox Plumbing & Heating “Jackpot Award”, winning twenty thousand dollars for the team and an additional five thousand for Jimmy Shane.