HomeStreet Bank Extends Commitment

June 8, 2017

  • Last week, HomeStreet Bank announced their sponsorship of the former Hydroplanes, Inc. “Miss Budweiser” racing facilities in the Greater Seattle, Washington area.   That sponsorship agreement allows Miss Madison, Inc. to acquire the Tukwila race shop and Lake Stevens engine test cell.  Those facilities are now under the management of Charlie Grooms of the “Miss Madison” team.  Former “Miss Budweiser” Crew Chief Mark Smith has been retained as the shop manager of the Tukwila facility.
  • Along with the facilities, Miss Madison, Inc. takes over the parts and equipment inventory except for the “Miss Budweiser Turbine 3” hydroplane and support truck.
  • The agreement between HomeStreet Bank and the Miss Madison team extends the sponsorship of the current National Champion to five years, solidifying HomeStreet’s commitment to the team and H1 Unlimited hydroplane racing.  The acquisition provides for the construction of a new “Miss HomeStreet” hydroplane at Tukwila’s HomeStreet Racing shop.
  • The HomeStreet Bank sponsored “Miss Madison” racing team remains headquartered in Madison, Indiana with the current shop as the primary base of operations.