APBA Gold Cup – Make it Four!

August 28, 2017

  • Miss Madison Racing claimed their 4th APBA Gold Cup victory on Sunday, August 27 at the Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers Hydrofest. It was the 3rd Gold Cup win for driver Jimmy Shane.
  • Jimmy knew he had the team and boat to make some noise at the Hydrofest weekend  which included competition for the APBA's Presidents Cup on Saturday and the Gold Cup on Sunday.
  • Shane raced to 3rd place in the Presidents Cup final and put it all together to come home with the most prestigious trophy of the weekend on Sunday.
  • Shane in the U-1 Miss HomeStreet made a perfect start in the 5-lap championship final heat from lane 2 and then ran away from the field to capture to the oldest active trophy in all of the motorsports, the APBA Gold Cup for the 3rd time in 4 years.
  • "This is my favorite Gold Cup win," said the 31-year old from Maple Valley, WA. "I consider this to be the 1st outright Gold Cup win for me. I won in 2014 when J. Michael Kelly was penalized and in 2015, Jean Theoret was penalized to give me the win."This time there were no penalties that effected the finishing order and it feels good to hold this Gold Cup."
  • It was not an easy weekend for the HomeStreet team and it wasn't a clean start to the 1st attempt at a final heat. Despite winning four of their 5 preliminary heats over the doubleheader weekend. On Friday, Shane claimed the top qualifying spot for the Presidents Cup and was edged out late in the qualifying session by Andrew Tate for the top qualifying spot for the Gold Cup.
  • Sunday, in the APBA Gold Cup final, Shane survived a collision with Bert Henderson in the U7 Spirit of Detroit coming out of the Roostertail Turn seconds before the start of the race. Henderson's boat then swerved hard to the left in front of the J. Michael Kelly in lane 1. Kelly's U12 Graham Trucking boat had nowhere to go, running up and over U7's cockpit. The top of Henderson's safety canopy was torn off.  Both drivers escaped injury and Kelly's team was able to get his boat ready for the restart of the final heat.
  • This time 4 boats answered the bell with a clean start. Shane then showed everyone why he is the defending National High Point Champion and now a 3-time winner of the APBA Gold Cup. His average speed of 152.579 over the 5 lap 2.73-mile course easily outpaced Tate and Kelly.
  • Kelly's Graham Trucking team with help from several over H1 Unlimited race team crew members worked feverishly to change an engine, replace a canard wing and a propeller to get the boat back for the restart.
  • "It was unbelievable," said Shane about the effort to get the Graham Trucking back on the water after the accident. "It was a marvelous spectacle to watch maybe 50 people from all the different teams work together to put that boat back together.  That is just one aspect of what makes this sport great."
  • In fact, Kelly grabbed lane 1 for the start of the final heat and fought Shane and Tate for 3 laps. When Shane had taken control of the race, Kelly ran through the wake of 2 boats losing his canard wing once again. Tate ended up in 2nd and Jimmy King in the U-3 Griggs presents Ace Hardware took 3rd. Kelly who won the APBA Gold Cup in 2016, finished 4th, then received more bad news after the race. He was disqualified for a fuel violation.
  • The H1 fleet now heads to San Diego for the HomeStreet Bank Bayfair Regatta September 15-17. Miss HomeStreet takes a 259 point lead in National High Points into this final race of the 2017 season.
  • For full results of this weekend's Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers Hydrofest doubleheader, go to H1Unlimited.com.
  • Content from Bruce Madej, Media/PR, Crisis Management Consultant, H1 Unlimited Media Contact