Gary Spanner
  • HOMETOWN:  Pasco, Washington
  • OCCUPATION:  Economic Development Manager, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
  • Since 1971, Gary Spanner has had a wrench is his hand as a volunteer crew member with the Miss Madison Racing Team, starting with supercharged Allison engines. A self-described “deck man” Spanner works mostly on the team’s engines and gearboxes, although over the years he has handled props, sponsons, fuel and other components.
  • He began racing outboards briefly in high school, but he left that when he was picked up by the Miss Madison Team. After 45 years with the team, Spanner still enjoys boating and the teamwork of racing. In fact, he enjoys it so much that he persevered through 37 years between his first win with the team at the 1971 Atomic Cup and his second at Seafair in 2007. When not racing, Gary is Economic Development Manager for Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. He lives with his wife Cody in Pasco, Washington