Jimmy Gilbert
  • DSC_4975HOMETOWN:  Houston, Texas
  • OCCUPATION:  Retired, NASA Senior Scientist
A retired NASA senior scientist Gilbert is the team's Technical Performance Engineer and is in charge of the team’s computer systems, electrical and radios. While at NASA, Gilbert worked on the onboard computers on the Apollo missions. He worked on the computers on the Command Module and later on the Lunar Module guidance computer. He also worked on Skylab and before retiring worked on the data processing system in Mission Control that monitored the Shuttle’s flight (trajectory, energy management and system telemetry). His NASA experiences are a great value to the Miss Madison Racing Team. Prior to joining the Miss Madison crew, Gilbert raced with U-25 SUPERIOR RACING, U-9 JONES RACING, U-1 MISS BUDWEISER, U-100 LELAND UNLIMITED. As an avid runner, Jimmy, reached the milestone of running 100,000 miles.  He and his wife Sue live in Houston. They have one daughter, Laura, and two grandchildren, Rhett and Madeleine.