Miss Madison
The Miss Madison Racing Team was established in 1961 when industrialist Sam DuPont donated his unlimited hydroplane known as Nitrogen to the people of Madison, Indiana.  The U-6 Miss Madison has been campaigning on the unlimited circuit ever since – the longest running continuous team in the sport. When the original Miss Madison hydroplane was destroyed in a racing accident in 1962, DuPont sold his second boat to the city for $5,000.  Madison has been in the hydroplane racing business ever since. The world's only community owned hydroplane is administered by a board of directors appointed by the city’s mayor.  Robert D. Hughes currently serves as Chairman of  the Miss Madison, Inc. Board and Charlie Grooms serves as President and Team Manager. The team has amassed 28 race victories, 3 APBA Gold Cup victories and 7 National High Points Championships.  Throughout the years the team has raced in partnership with sponsors including American Speedy Printing, Jasper Engines & Transmissions, Valvoline, DeWalt Power Tools, Kellogg’s and Oberto Beef Jerky.  In 2016, the Miss Madison is sponsored by Seattle based HomeStreet Bank.  Some of the biggest names in the sport of boat racing have raced with the Miss Madison Team.  Current driver, Jimmy Shane led the 2014 Oberto Beef Jerky sponsored Miss Madison to an APBA Gold Cup victory on the Detroit River, the team's first since 1971, and the 5th National High Points Championship.  In 2015, Jimmy and the team captured a 2nd consecutive APBA Gold victory in Tri-Cities, WA and 6th National High Points Championship.  In 2016 the team added 3 race victories on the way to their 7th National High Points Championship.
  • Miss Madison Racing Hulls (1961 - present)
  • U-6 Miss Madison (1st) 1961 - 1963   (Former U-79 Nitrogen)
  • U-6 Miss Madison (2nd) 1963 - 1971  (Former U-79-2 Nitrogen Too)
  • U-6 Miss Madison (3rd) 1972 - 1977
  • U-6 Miss Madison (4th) 1978 - 1988 (Former U-25 & U-1 Pay 'n Pak & U-76 Atlas Van Lines)
  • U-6  Miss Madison (5th) * 1988 - 2007
  • U-6 Miss Madison (6th) ** 2007 - present
  • *  The Miss Madison sustained significant damage in a crash during the San Diego  race in 1988.  The Miss Madison team leased the U-3 hull from Ed Cooper, Sr. and Ed Cooper, Jr. for the final race of the year in Las Vegas. The U-3 was officially the U-6 Miss Madison at this one event.
  • **  The Miss Madison was damaged in an accident during the 2011 Madison Regatta.  Jon Zimmerman and the U-9 owned by Mike and Lori Jones substituted as the Miss Madison at the Detroit APBA Gold Cup.

Chris Denslow Photo

  • Specifications for the current Miss Madison:
  • Designer-Builder: Dale Van Weiringen, Rick Bowles, Mike Hanson, Larry Hanson, Madison crew
  • Length:
  • 30 ft.
  • Width:
  • 14' 5"
  • Weight:
  • 6775 pounds
  • Gearbox:
  • 50% reduction
  • Fuel:
  • 60 gallons / Jet A or kerosene
  • Propeller: 13-8-MO Stainless / 3 Blade - 26" Pitch - 16" Diameter (pitch will vary)
  • Construction Material: Composite materials (Honeycomb aluminum, Fiberglass, carbon fiber
  • Engine: The Lycoming T-55 L-7 engine is a shaft turbine, rated at 2,650 horsepower at the output shaft. This engine was used in the Vietnam era by the twin engine Chinook Helicopter.
  • Manufacturer: Avco Lycoming
  • Output Shaft: 15,300 RPM
  • Compressor Ratio: 7:1
  • Weight: 600 pounds
  • Oil Capacity: 5 gallons
  • Cockpit design: The Madison Racing hydroplane utilizes a canopy from an F-16 jet fighter to protect the driver. The canopy is attached to a roll cage, which is bolted to a normal core cockpit.  The driver sits in a form fitted seat utilizing a five-point harness to hold him in the seat.  He also is supplied with compressed air and oxygen mask to facilitate breathing should the cockpit fill with water.